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Slimmer Look

If you wish for a slimmer look on your face, we have got you covered. As we grow we all lose volume and fat in our faces as a result folds show up on our noses and more pronounced jowls appear. This is because everything slides forward.

There are so many times we pull our skin back and wish for what we had, the volume goes missing and sometimes it sags. And to fix it, we need to add some of that volume back.

Fillers along with some treatments can get you the desired results for a slimmer look.

Strategic placement of fillers in different areas of the face can contribute to a slimming effect. For someone with flat cheeks or a round face, we would recommend placing some fillers at the cheekbones which will give the cheeks more definition and make the face look more heart-shaped. Injections in the tip of the chin can also elongate the face and contribute to a slim and sculpted appearance.

This also includes lower body lifts, Calf and Thigh implants, flanks, Forehead life, Brow lift, Earlobe correction repair, Fat injections and grafting, Cool Sculpting, Body Sculpting etc. In all these treatments can uplift your whole look.

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